Nyan Cat 

Nyan Cat is an exciting game that is available as a free download at the App Store. In this game, youwill be guiding a kitty cat which is soaring through the starry skies and as she soars she leaves behind a rainbow trail. There is a single mode in this game called the Nyan Stop mode which allows the cat to fly endlessly.

Players are allowed to guide this cat to different parts of the computer screen and they also have the option of allowing their iOS device to remain untended. If you choose the latter option then you can simply sit back and watch the cat fly about. 

There is also a counter that is displayed at the bottom of your computer screen. Its main purpose is to keep track of the time that a player has been flying carelessly. It will then log its results in a leaderboard with the help of the Game Center. You can also gain achievements provided you have been flying for a specific period of time. 

Nyan Cat is a basic application that will be improved upon when its makers decide to add other modes such as the Character mode and the Game mode. These applications should hopefully make the game even more interesting by adding new dimensions to the game play. 

For those who are just getting to know about Nyan Cat the best thing is to not expect too much from the game. It is however a good application for those who wish to spend a few seconds or even a few hours enjoying themselves. 

 Nyan Cat Videos



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